Should Narendra Modi be the Next Prime Minister of India?

Narendra Modi should not be the next prime minister of India

Amidst the ongoing national debate about Modi being a probable Prime Minister candidate for India, British Prime Minister Cameron offered some lessons for Mr. Modi when he regretted the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. For my non-Indian friends, this was a tragedy that had happened in 1919 under British colonial rule in India when an army General had ordered killings of thousands of unarmed people who had gathered for a peaceful protest.

Does it mean that Cameron is personally guilty of what had happened in 1919? Does it lower his moral guard? Absolutely not! Without commenting upon the extent of his involvement in 2002 Godhra carnage, Mr. Modi has to date not offered such a condolence to the people of India (forget about an apology). Rather, he shied away from the same question during Karan Thapar’s interview. Manmohan Singh, after becoming Prime Minister, offered the same apology for the 1984 riots. Did that mean Singh had ordered those killings?

Narendra Modi and Moral Responsibility

In a legitimately elected public office, this vicarious responsibility comes along with occupying that post. Even if not legally liable, any such person owes a moral responsibility to accept any acts/abstentions happening under his legitimate regime. Such rules of a moral conduct cannot be written down but need to come from within; this should be the true mark of a leader.

German leaders to date continue to apologise for what had happened during the holocaust. Does this translate to a personal responsibility? It can be accepted that the people in power are also human beings, but their exalted power status has been granted on them by the people (technically if not realistically), which makes them responsible for all the incidents happening to the people who voted them into power, heedless of whether they caused those incidents or not. It’s a case of moral contract with the populace, and that should not be ignored –  ever.

I wish my fellow Indians could have realised the ramifications of placing such a person in office. But the fault is just not his; the fault is ours as well. Our established institutions, which only promote nepotism and reticence, have not been able to produce or endorse any other alternative leader for this new India. It is a harsh reality that we today have a leadership deficit with no alternative, and Modi is making the best out of this desperate situation.

I must say, this leadership deficit must not be an excuse to put such a man in a place of high office. Creating new effective institutions that mentor new young leaders like all of us talking here will be a slow process and would take some time.

In the meantime, we will have to find some workable alternatives. We owe a duty to create some genuine public opinions. Modi’s projection as a probable Prime Minister candidate for India has happened due to a sustained media public opinion (nevertheless, a media propaganda hyped by business houses is another reality behind this fact). Why can’t we form a genuine public opinion to project Nitish Kumar as a potential Prime Minister candidate from NDA and A K Antony from UPA? Surely we can, but we need to get out of the closet and think beyond what the media wants us to think.

Narendra Modi Was Not Behind the Success of Gujarat

I fail to understand how Gujarat development story has got credited to Modi’s success account. Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and very lately Bihar, have had much better economic, as well as social indicators, than Gujarat! Gujarat still lags behind all these states (ignore Bihar) with many of the social indicators like infant mortality, child malnutrition, poor-rich gap, farmer debt, female mortality, girl education, public health etc. I fail to understand how media has chosen to ignore this side of the story. Unfortunately, the Indian electorate today is highly energetic, but at the same time highly ignorant of the ground realities. The way media and people blame Manmohan Singh for the present day high inflation and economic downturn, they have over hyped the Gujarat’s success story that is infact very ordinary.

We must stop rating leaders by their face value. Modi’s USP is his presentation skills and the way he interacts with the media and people. But as I always remark: “Symbolism without Substance is useless”; we need to go beyond this. I wonder, will Modi be able to control inflation and build up investor confidence if he comes to power? Can he bring down India’s fiscal deficit? Can he control the subsidy problem? A very honest answer would be “No”. I will not call it his incapacity because it is beyond any rational human control. Today’s economics are very much market driven and globally oriented. So, Modi or Rahul Gandhi; both will be rendered helpless. Unfortunately, none of them have talked about any of these issues.

Narendra Modi cannot be the Next Prime Minister of India

It will be a betrayal of India’s age old historical traditions of tolerance, humility, and service before self if a man like Modi comes to power. The ball is still in his court because we are not going by facts of Godhra, but because he has never bowed down in respect of those who got tortured and killed. It reflects upon his rigid, extremist mentality (refusing to wear a skull cap was another reflection of this). In this leadership deficit, I would rather accept any ordinary leader than accepting such an extraordinary fundamentalist.

The frustration of a rising urban India is understandable. It is more like a desperate lamb finding ways of not getting slaughtered with Mr. Modi offering a few more days of life. But the lamb is unaware of this fact that this particular butcher takes his time to kill and enjoys his meal even without dropping a single drop of blood or regret.

Many thanks for the inputs by Shyama Kuriakose

Kshitij Bansal

Kshitij Bansal

Kshitij Bansal, a 22 year old Indian from a rural family of Haryana province, is a final year student of Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab specialising in International Laws and Global Governance. With more than 35 research publications in leading journals, magazines and newspapers; he has also got selected for the prestigious Robert Bosch Stiftung Scholarship 2012 which enables him to attend a reputed summer law program in Germany. A top preformer of his University with ten subject distinctions, he has also founded India’s first youth policy think tank, named International Policy Analysis Network (IPAN). The organisation has already locked down three institutional research projects. Bansal represented India at G20 Youth Summit, Washington D.C. 2012 as the Head of State. He has also been awarded two other prestigious scholarships by Xiamen Academy of International Law and Europa University, Frankfurt (Oder). A passionate singer in Hindustani vocal music, Bansal is also working on a music album. Alongside his research in law he holds immense interest in theatre, poetry and culture. He is a research oriented student of law where he wishes to bring in innovation and long term sustainability in the social policy making through his writings and advocacy.

  • Rajat Sharma

    Very good article. Thank you for your contribution. Satya mevajayate. Modi will loose. Rawand lost, Kans lost, shakuni lost, duryodhan lost. All of them were very rich in their good times and were able to create good support. Modi will loose big time and soon.

    • Tyagi

      Mr. Sharma ( Or a fake name) , Pseudo secularism is gonna eat this nation if NaMo does not become the next PM

  • shrenik teli

    Modi saheb is a brilient leader in india & also congratulate to it for PM election.

  • mohan

    almost all the states are affected communal riots why should only blaming modi

    • Arun

      Because he was directly involved in that and never apologized or regretted.

      • Tyagi

        Are you a judge? Which court has proven hi guilty?

        • Sach

          Courts run by Hindus would never prove him guilty. Get an international court of justice to deal with him and you will know.

      • gollum

        Yeah, right. THe congress also has been apologizing for the 1984 sikh riots. THe congress also has been apologizing for their violence on tribes of jharkhand

  • tyagi

    Who in the freakin world are you to write such an article to NaMo? Whats you authority Mr. Bansal ( or whatever you’ve named yourself) Have you ever been to Gujarat? Has your sister or mother not been harassed by Muslims in this pseudo secular country…Nationalism is what we NEED , surely note pseudo secularism…Read more my friend and travel more ( Minus the air conditioning)..good luck

    • Sach

      Who were those who had raped Nirbhaya in Delhi? Hindus. Who orchestred and slaughtered Sikhs in 84, Hindus. Who deserved to be tried and dealt with justice? The killers and the rapists. Hindus all the way./

  • shadow

    After 6 years I have to Gujarat especially Baroda after 6 years. And I saw significant change.
    Its media and congress who are accusing him for what SIT from Supreme court has given him clean chit. Its Poona wala brothers wing of congress going on Modi’s and other article and giving bad words and accusing him. Anyways if people cant digest its their problem.
    At this stage country needs him its not Modi who needs this post. If people are wise enough and see the track record of congress who has almost ruined our country thanks to media for mis-leading people.
    I find him best candidate for PM. His track record is clean and he is development model.
    Best of luck

    • Sage

      SIT was having people who were employed by Modi. There was no unbiased judgement. Modi does not need to be accused, he is the mastermind of the destruction of India’s coexistence infrastructure. There is enough evidence if you visit Gujarat relief camps. Muslims who are living there are scared because if they say a word against the killer, they will be visited by the torture brigade of 2002 again. The country does not need a killer to replace the corrupt, this is media’s facade and those who hold development above humanity. India has always upheld humanity and Modi’s support comes only from those who have no human feelings. People should be wiser enough to see that Gujarat was already developed and Modi simply came and divided it on the basis of communal lines. He did not contribute a fraction towards development but directed all his energies towards barbaric killings. The media, you are right, is misleading the country by showing a fake model of Gujarat development and glorifying a psychotic killer. The best candidate are so many, like Mamta, Jayalalitha, Mayawati, etc. Modi is the worse candidate and he is only marketed himself in the best and craftiest way.

  • Modifan

    Is this Bansal relative of commission agent of railway minister? Any number of
    Hate Modi Gang cannot prevent Modiji becoming PM. These pseudo secularists were hiding behind the pallu of their leader when Sikhs were masacred in Delhi
    & Pandits were driven out of Kasmir.

  • Domnick

    If Modi next Indian Prime Minister then no more India and Indian Muslims. He will ruins
    whole country. He is not a capable guy but he is good for Dhobi. He always wash
    other parties profile and like a Vampire. People of India must ignored him and BJP.
    Also ignored Congress corrupt leaders. .

  • Darshana

    I think Modiji is the only person in India who is most suitable for the PM’s position. I have personally witnessed Gujarat’s progress. There is no other alternate in India at this moment. He is the only one who can lead India. There is a dire need of a person like him who can take PM’s position. He is a fearless leader.

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